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3 non negotiable’s for a bikini body !

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3 non negotiable’s for a bikini body !

As a master coach I have seen my fair share of girls looking for a Bikini body and the quest to reach that goal,getting in tip top bikini shape is a lot like a construction project.

First, I tell my client there must be a crystal clear picture in the mind. Then the vision goes onto paper as a blueprint. It takes weeks just to lay the foundation. More weeks of work will follow. On a daily basis, it doesn’t seem like much is happening. You look in the mirror and appear, for the most part, the same as you did yesterday. But sure enough, the small improvements are slowly accumulating like compounding interest in the bank. One day, you look in the mirror and “suddenly,” your blueprint has become reality.

The body of a bikini champion is no more likely to be built overnight than a high rise is to be built overnight. It’s not physically possible. Accepting the idea that any type of pill, powder, drug, supplement or machine of any kind will make it happen sooner is pure folly. You can’t force it.

The goal for me as a trainer is for the client to become the architect and builder of your own dream body with my help to keep them accountable . I tell the Bikini Girls that “You WILL build the body you desire eventually if you’re patient enough and you refuse to quit.” And set your goals HIGH!

Lina followed the advice of Realfit  

We together Create a fantastic blueprint for success this includes my 3 non negotiable’s

Be Honest

To yourself and to your trainer -we all slip up so shit happens i get it it’s how quick we pick ourselves up that really matters.

Let Go 

Of limited belief’s that your not good enough (when you let go of the BS story is when you really progess.

Test and Measure 

I’ve always said food is not complicated people are ,Your trainer is there for you and you should collaborate a close relationship of whats working and whats not even when it comes to your training(weather its progressive overload,double split routine cardio etc, and mindset (is your vision clear).

One last thing Fitness Trends  – this is a timely subject because although “bikini models” have been flogging them  for ages it’s old news, I noticed that infomercials for things like “waist belts” or “sauna wraps” are back on TV in force and I see that they are replaying the ads over and over again, which means people are buying it.


The Bikini model is pictured taking off the rubber belt, revealing ripped six pack abs below… as if those abs are a result of wearing the belt! Wishful thinking! These are professional models, folks.

They got the abs the same way everyone else with abs got them – with a calorie deficit from a combination of strict diet and hard training and a clear strategy and mindset and I’m sure with the right help you can too !