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3 Most-Filling Foods To Include In Your Diet

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3 Most-Filling Foods To Include In Your Diet

Not only do these 3 foods pack a punch in the nutrition ring, they may also provide you with nutrients that may help satisfy your appetite.Meaning, that when you eat them – in the right portions – you may feel fuller, for longer, therefore preventing that hunger spike from occurring 10 minutes after you ate.

1. Eggs

The egg.  The one food that people have been told to fear for years, may actually be one of the most filling foods ever!

Even though they contain relatively few calories (78 calories per egg) they are a very filling food, thanks to the 6.3 grams of protein that are found in the egg.

Eggs are a complete protein – meaning they contain all nine essential amino acids that your body needs to control things like muscle building, metabolism, and boosting your satiety hormone.

It’s hard to believe that a tiny food like an egg could lead to fat loss!  However, a recent study showed that those who ate eggs for breakfast consumed 330 less calories per day compared to those who didn’t eat eggs.

2. Spinach

Raw green young spinach leaves

Another way to curb your appetite is to include more fiber-rich foods into your meal plans.

One such food – spinach – packs close to 1.3 grams of fiber in just a one half cup serving.

Plus, it’s low in calories but robust in other important nutrients you need for a faster metabolism and better meal satisfaction.

Want even more appetite-suppressing power?  Top a cup of spinach leaves with a portion of lean red meat, chicken, or turkey topped with two tablespoons of olive oil!

3. Watermelon

You may not think about it, but watermelon really puts a damper to your hunger cravings!

Packed with fiber and nutrients that help you burn fat, watermelon also has plenty of water.

This means that eating a couple servings of this awesome summertime fruit could fill you up, leaving less room in your belly for other foods.


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