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July 2019

The reason why I love training with kettlebells is they are an extreme all round fitness-you can always progress and improve your workout the fact that the shape and compact size makes this piece of equipment very unique. For those not aware of the kettlebell there you can allow safety acceleration it on the way down like swings, and such 'virtual force is exceptionally effective, efficient and safe and builds muscle and accelerates fat loss. What I love about kettle bell training is that its not for sissies but it is not

kettle Bell swings The swing is the foundation of effective Russian Kettlebell training.It dramatically improves one's performance in most sports ranging from running to martial arts to powerlifting. My own research shows the kettlebell swings improves your balalnce and posture and a great overall fat burners,when performing the swing a few things need to be considered such as stance hip thrust and how tall you sit up top. Strengths dozens of muscles quicklyYou’ll be hard pressed to find another exercise that works so many areas of your body. The kettlebell swing strengthens your

Did you know that the 'Get Up' is a terrific exercise why ?well for starters where the spine is controlled and the overhead weight is steered as the body learns more movement patterns that maintains torso stiffness while driving with other extremeties. The fact that the get up provides shoulder stability mobility and resilience makes it a phenomenal movement, stabilisers are what give you the mechanical advantage to be stronger. When also performed with high volume,the get up promotes shoulder and upper back hypertrophy and when performed under control and with heavy