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October 2018

It was a few years ago when i decided to grace the stage after just turning 50 it was a long life quest to hold a title of Mr Australia in my division,not only did I do that I ended up winning the Mr Australia Asia and here are a few tips I learn't on the way. Mindset It’s been my experience that mindset is not given the attention it deserves-and not just in bodybuilding. It’s the same thing in business or whatever your career is. If you are not obsessed with

Fred Why Is It So BLOODY  Hard To Make Healthy Behaviour Changes was a question thrown at me recently  ? It started me to think that could it be something as simple as the way we spell a word hold a hidden clue to why we have so much trouble making healthy behaviour changes? But I got to thinking (as I always seem to do) about the deeper implications, and I realised how persistently we work to maintain and even defend our childhood programming (regardless of whether it is helpful or harmful)

The four key elements that should be included to ensure an effective and complete warm up are: 1. The general warm up This phase of the warm up consists of 5  Minutes of light physical activity. The aim here is to elevate the heart rate and respiratory rate, increase blood flow and increase muscle temperature. 2. Static stretching Next, 5  minutes of gentle static stretching should be used to gradually lengthen all the major muscle groups and associated tendons of the body. 3. The sports specific warm up During this phase of the warm up, 10

Is there something that's distracting you and keeping you from staying focused?Perhaps your pissed off with life(we all been there) There will always be some distraction or another, story from stopping you getting what you truly deserve in life  but you never have to give in to those distractions. I found that the way to focus on anything is to make it important enough that its going to pull your invisible force and make it front and centre of your being. I even tell my client that If you need more

To say I was nervous getting Fred as a Master coach under my wing  was an understatement! The weights were not the problem after Fred clearly explained how his volume principle works, the food was! I knew it was going to be a major shock to the system. I loved junk food and was never a fan of fruit or vegetables. After a few days I began to forget about my diet coke and started concentrating on healthy food and nutrition. I never realised how often you should be eating or