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2 Easy Steps To Losing 3-5 kilo’s this Holiday Season?

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2 Easy Steps To Losing 3-5 kilo’s this Holiday Season?

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You’re sitting there, and the feeling hits.You have the insatiable need to have something sweet.It could be a donut…a pastry that “comes in a bag”…or even an afternoon candy bar.

Whatever it is you crave, you just can’t seem to make it go away……that is, unless you grab something sweet to satisfy your craving.

So, what exactly causes this bizarre response?

Low Blood Sugar and Cravings

There are a lot of things that may cause the unruly cravings that destroy your day – and your fat loss.

But there are really two main things that are responsible for those cravings:

Your brain and eating sweet food!You see, your brain may require a LOT of sugar to keep it functioning at optimal levels.

And when there is a decrease in fuel (sugar) to the brain, then chaos ensues.Your brain sends a response to your body, stimulating your hunger for nutrient dense, sweet, calorie-laden foods.Namely desserts, pre-packaged sweets, and  bars!

Do you would think that if you cut out desserts, junk food, pastries, and donuts than you should be all set, right?


You see, sweet foods may spike your cravings for even more sweet foods. However, your usual suspects are not the only ones to blame.

Foods such as breads, pastas, crackers, and many others contain boatloads of sugar that could also give a boost to your cravings.

Cutting out foods that contain sugar, honey,  high fructose corn syrup, and glucose solids, could go a long way to reducing your cravings……and boosting your fat loss in the process!

Cut Your Cravings TODAY! There are a lot of reasons why you have cravings. The two biggest ones have to do with your brain and the type of food you eat.

If you’re able to keep your blood sugar stable – and allow adequate sugar to reach your brain – then you may find a reduction in cravings for junk foods.

Also, if you switch out your unhealthy food choices – junk food, processed foods, foods that contain sugar – then you may also find your cravings to be lessened throughout the day.