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2 simple moves for Stronger Shoulders

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2 simple moves for Stronger Shoulders

Did you know the shoulder joint is a pretty weak joint? Most of the workouts and exercises we do, puts a strain on it and if we aren’t careful, we could seriously damage the rotator cuffs in the shoulder. It takes the brunt of the stress and is also quite prone to injury. It’s important to make them flexible and not to mention, strong enough to carry the weight of the world. Here are few simple yet super effective ways to strengthen the shoulders.

  • 1.Doorway stretch

As the name states, we would need an open doorway to do this. Stretching your arms out to either side of the door frame is a good warm up for your shoulders. With your arms at shoulder length, step forward through the doorway until you feel a stretch on your back. Shift your weight to the leg which is kept forward

Chris is a great example of someone with great shoulder strength and aesthetics

  • 2. Plank

You may have heard of the famous plank exercise. It’s ideally used to strengthen your core and gives you an intense ab workout. But what a lot of us don’t realise is that it helps in stabilizing the girdle of your shoulders. While doing the plank, pushing your chest slightly towards the floor opens it up while moving the shoulder girdles to a position that massages the muscles on your back. This is a great workout for the shoulders and releases any stress built up.