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12-Week Transformation Mindset What You Really Need To Know

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12 week transformation

12-Week Transformation Mindset What You Really Need To Know

Should I get a personal trainer for one-on-one private lessons or just go to the gym and try to keep myself accountable and on track are often thought’s that enter people’s minds when embarking on a fitness campaign.

Enter the 12 weeks challenge the beauty of a semi private training program like this one is you get to share the cost’s with other fitness enthusiasts as well as most often sharing the same goals to lose weight and feel better.

When making a decision to undergoing a 12-week transformation there are a few things you need to think about in terms of what you want it to look like, you really need to embrace 3 things.

  1. Nutrition
  2. Training
  3. Mindset
12 week body transformation
12-Week Transformation

Below are a few points to consider especially when it comes to meal planning so let us break it down:

1. Nutrition

  • Follow the process set by your trainer and avoid the quick fix “Shiny object Syndrome’’ and focus on one process at a time to get results.
  • The always Win mindset think of your nutrition as a work in progress so you gain knowledge and you can succeed, remember your food is always telling you something and giving you feedback.
  • Mental clarity and focus know what your goals are and approach this with a positive mindset and do not sweat the small stuff and be sure to practice the meditation so you can truly let go.
  • Sleep is mother nature’s superpower and great things happen, so make sound sleep a priority.
  • Avoid temptation of self-sabotage and do not get too worried or buck the process.
  • Treat eating like a privilege and a responsibility to put great things in your body.
  • Feeling hungry is not an emergency (Its ok to be hungry) learn the difference between hunger in your head and in your body. 
  • Use the Fist Palm Thumb rule as portion is important
  • Understand your metabolic body type i.e how your body responds to carbohydrates    
  • Give your liver a vacation so ditches the alcohol and fatty foods and lose the bloat for good
  • Get on the net and research   
  • Prepare for the 12-week challenge mentally and physically
  • Get a Shopping list and how to choose the right lean meat, right vegetables and fruits and the right oils to cook with.
  • Cheat meal’s and what is the best option when choosing a cheat meal,  
  • Take a before picture of yourself FRONT SIDE AND BACK Men wearing shorts and women crop top and short or bikini whatever you are comfortable with (Be open to it)   to keep you accountable  
  • Slow down when it comes to the process of eating sit comfortably and enjoy the process aim to sit for at least 20minutes each meal the longer the better

2. Training

When it comes to training for a 12 week challenge you should consider early morning or evening classes, your body will quickly adapt to either some other points to consider

  • Proper activewear do things like also bring a towel and water bottle
  • Show up on time (or even earlier) keep in the good books with the trainer
  • Get adequate rest the night before especially if you are training in the morning
  • Set realistic goals and be sure to have a regular weigh in and measurements at least every month to track your progress
  • Be honest if something is not right or you got an injury be sure to communicate with your trainer

3. Mindset

  • Having a winner mindset will really determine your attitude
  • Practice daily meditation close your eyes and connect with your higher self
  • Journal keep a diary of what you have been eating
  • How will you look in 12 weeks’ (the power of visualization)?

A good 12-week program focuses on three aspects: Nutrition, Training and Mindset. All parts of the equation are essential pieces of the puzzle. However, the most important part of this system is that you change your habits and rituals to conform to the principles laid out here.

Every meal counts. Every rep makes a difference. Every time you stray from the path, it takes you one step further back. It is okay to have some setbacks, but consistency is what takes you to the prize. Not only will you be provided with the most effective training, nutritional, and recovery principles to apply to your lifestyle, but you are also given a detailed day-by-day outline of a training regimen and nutritional meal plan and much more.

12 week transformation challenge

FAQs About 12-Week Body Transformation

Is the 12-week challenge is For me?

Yes, if you are Sick of hearing your own excuses & being frustrated, angry & afraid to do anything about it.

Willing to embark on ‘a life altering physical odyssey’ you will never forget that will transform YOUR body & mind forever.

Ready and willing to create the shift to finally get THAT physique YOU deserve. Trusting in the process and letting go of self-limiting beliefs.

Absolutely dedicated to training 3 hours per week in a small group of like-minded people, to achieve the results Get Your Life, Body & Health Back! And Feel Great About Yourself Again!

What am I Provided when undergoing a 12-week challenge?

Most gym and Pt studio’s offer the flexibility to train either morning, afternoon, or evening slots.

Who do I train with?

A Personal Trainer that has results ask to see their success stories and how you may have solved a problem.

How many sessions a week?

Most challengers provide 3x 60-minute semi-private training sessions each week that is intense, but more than most people will do in a year.

What can I EXPECT?

Once embarking on a challenge, you will notice change within 5-10 days.
A more toned and physically impressive body, a better sleeping pattern.
A small hole in your wallet as you start buying new clothes to accommodate your new you.
More energy and vigour in your stride.

How many people in a group?

A semiprivate group is approx. no more than 6 people per class.

How much does 12-Week Body Transformation cost?

The best thing when doing a challenge in a semiprivate is you get to share the cost the average cost of a session would be anywhere between 30-55 per class spread over the 12 weeks and most gym’s and personal training studio is offering the flexibility of monthly payment plan’s!

Just a word of caution the 12-week challenge is not for everybody so do your research as promises are easy to make, but for those of you who are prepared to work hard and follow advice to the letter then life-changing fat loss results can be yours.