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How To Catapult Your Success When Undergoing A 12-Week Body Transformation

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12 week body transformation faqs

How To Catapult Your Success When Undergoing A 12-Week Body Transformation

As a veteran Personal Trainer for over 3 decades when people look to enquire about undergoing a 12-week personal training program their number one issue is the excess kilo’s.

They have packed in on and this often has a flow on effects such as

  • Disrupted sleep.
  • In pain,
  • Unwanted weight
  • Feeling lethargic

Whatever the circumstance a 12-week program is a great way to really take the warts and all approach especially when it comes to fat loss.

From a Personal Trainers point of view I love the 12 weeks challenge it really enables the client to dial on in and focus on the issue and you have a end game in mind.

Yes, that is right a 12-week challenge should move you from maintenance to progression and you get to check your progress every few weeks. On a price point a 12-week challenge in a small semiprivate group of no more than 6 individuals also builds comradery and you get to share the costs so its win for you and a win for the trainer, times are set each week so you can have this as a priority knowing that you will need to show up and give it your all.

I have put together a few frequently asked questions when it comes to a 12 week challenge.

Can I really transform your body in 12 weeks?

Short answer YES, remember it’s what you put in and most people when undergoing a 12-week transformation report better sleeping patterns less injury more strength and fat loss and this is usually the first few week seeing noticeable results as well as new found energy.12 week body transformation - tony

Do I need to have gym experience when doing a 12-week challenge program?

Yes, ideally if you have had some exposure to resistance training it will put you in good stead, as participating in a 12-week challenge can be tough and will require you to sweat, swear and smile.

This will also speed up the process, if your new to the whole gym thing its recommended to undergo one on one personal training or even a gym membership until you get a hold what is involved, and you get a sense of understanding of the muscle and your pain barrier.

Who drummed up the idea of a 12-week challenge?

Good question, and believe me no one knows, all we know is that the fitness industry found a gap in the marketplace and after testing a measuring a few different scenario’s and some trail and error the 12-week challenge was born from that idea.

Do I have to give up my social life during the 12 weeks if I want to drop unwanted kilo’s?

Truth be told, you need to comfortable being uncomfortable this could mean ditching desert saying no to alcohol (for 12 week’s) and just eating less and doing more as the old saying goes progress really happens outside your comfort zone.

What if I have an existing injury?

Reputable personal trainers will pre-screen you before undergoing a 12-week challenge, and providing you have the ok from the doctor you can always work around the issue at hand.

Should I train in the morning or evening?

This would depend on your work schedule some people (like me) jump out of bed in the morning and other people are night owl’s the important thing here to remember is your routine and keeping to a schedule.

How often should I weight train and what about cardio?

Ideally the body needs rest and muscle tissues are broken down whilst weight training and we find after doing research that weight training should be 3 times a week for approximately 45-60 minutes.

On the subject of cardio, its also around the same 2/3 times a week and a combination of high and low impact cardio see my blog article:

Will the muscle soreness ever go away?

Most people when starting on there first week feel muscles they never knew existed and I had one client the other day he could not even pick up his pen, remember your in unchartered waters so yes you will have soreness but as your strength improves the soreness won’t be as frequent it will subside but still be there.

What about nutrition?

Yes, nutrition is a critical factor and play’s and important part when transforming your body, no point doing a workout and guzzling into the junk food and putting it off, we support our client’s through a learning phase comprising of a eBook over 100 pages with information and education on.

What to eat and when you eat it?

You see most successful people when undergoing a 12-week transformation use the 80/20 rule they have 80%of there food nutritional so they stick to the program and 20%recreational, so they go out and still have control of their food consumptions and make smart choices.

What about the mental approach?

Yes, another powerful tool when used right I support our clients through a meditation program, so it helps keep those gremlins at bay and makes you a stronger clearer version of yourself each day.

Can you guarantee results?

Yes, provide you put in the work and consume the right foods will use our fortnightly check in to see how you’re progressing here are some of the testimonials we have.


So there you have it a 12 week challenge can catapult you to greater heights just be sure to test and measure everything and question your trainer when it comes to understanding the principals behind nutrition and stick to the program, it should definitely be in the bucket “to do list “as your body will thank you for it over and over again, and you will take new learnings to incorporate in your life, and therefore have the tools necessary to move you from maintenance to progression.