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Benefits of Hyperextensions

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Benefits of Hyperextensions

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Using the tips mention below will help for the muscle’s full development by incorporating more muscle fibers per rep, thus increasing Muscle Size and strength

Keep Tension on Your Back. When Performing Hyperextensions focus on keeping the tension on your back throughout the entire movement.

  • Slow and Controlled Movement. For best results perform Hyperextensions with slow and controlled movements.
  • Do not round Your Back. Do not round your back, keep your back flat or with a slight arch while performing the Hyperextension exercise.
  • Do not Arch Your Back. When coming back up to Hyperextension’s starting position do not arch your back beyond a straight line.
  • Hold Upper Body at Top Position. You can induce a little more effort from the Erector Spinae if you hold your upper body at the top position of theHyperextension exercise for two or three seconds in each repetition.

    Master Coach Fred understands the benefits of a strong lower back for that overall symmetry and look


    Performing Hyperextensions improperly, may result in vertebral discs becoming compressed.  That will cause the nerves that exit between the vertebrae to achieve the same undesired fate.

    • Rounding Your Back. Rounding the lower back during the Hyperextensionexercise is the most common error and will easily screw up your lower back work. Maintain a slight arch at all times during your Hyperextension workout.
    • Not Using Slow and Controlled Movement. Both the up and down phase of theHyperextension exercise should be done in a slow and controlled movement. Do not swing the torso upward during the exercise. The key to injury-free exercise is maintaining strict control of your body.
    • Arching Your Back. Do not go too far back (i.e., do not hyperextend your back) on the upward part (top) of the movement. Hyperextension of the vertebrae occurs when the extension goes beyond the point where the spine is in a straight line.